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Renovators working in the Inner City of Citadel (in southeastern Formour) have made an amazing discovery. They have uncovered, beneath many subsequently newer layers of the city, a large and ancient maze-like crypt complex. Archeological investigators have determined that this houses the tombs of some of the oldest known Formourians, predating the establishment of the Kingdom of Formour, and some of the oldest may even date back to the time of the Old Empire. Considering that the city of Citadel falls within the domain of Archmage Volgor Obsidrian, it may prove interesting what he does with this find. It seems Citadel still has a "necropolis" after all...

Certain influential and interesting citizens of Citadel have seemingly vanished, with their whereabouts currently unknown. Most notably, Ceascea, artist and gallery owner, is among them. It is tragic that her fame did not spread while she was around--her gallery was opened, in part, to showcase her own pieces. Currently, it is being held in public trust until her safe return... or her final end is known. Also among the missing is respected and beloved socialite Dominique Obsidrian. She is a daughter of the powerful House Obsidrian, of the Elves, and niece of Archmage Volgor Obsidrian. Her family is offering 20 pounds of gold for her safe return. Perhaps on a related note, the rogue (and suspected assassin) known as Krystalee is being sought by both members of the government, and the Church of the Light.

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